a silly linux/windows hack
or, "x2vnc's best friend"

What is it?
gnomie lets you click web links in Linux (or any Unix, really), and have them open in Internet Explorer on Windows (or whatever you default browser is on Windows).

I've waited for Mozilla to not suck for over a year, downloading new builds nightly, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen for another few months. (I remain optimistic). In the meantime, this hack took only about an hour, and it was fun to write.

How does it work?
You run the server part of gnomie on Windows, and then you go into gnome's control center and register HTTP URLs to spawn gnomie "%s", which connects to the server on Windows, and tells it to open the URL in IE. Most applications in gnome should use the provided spawn_url function, but some applications (especially when compiled without gnome support), allow you to specify the URL spawner actually. gnomie is known to work with:

Anybody that can connect to port 7775 (the default) on your windows machine can open URLs. It's expected that you control or trust all computers inside your private network.

URLs are opened via the Windows ShellExecute API, which could be problematic (I don't know Windows), so gnomie makes sure the thing trying to execute looks like a web address (m!^http://!) and whitespace is escaped.



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